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African Red Tea Rooibos Hand Made Soap

Rooibos Hand Made Soap
5 Oz. - $15.00

African Red Tea Rooibos Hand Made Soap is great for any type of skin, it contains large amounts of Alpha Hydroxy Acid, organic Rooibos Tea powder, and Zinc for a healthy, smooth skin; it is especially useful when applied to skin irritations like eczema, acne & any rashes. Itís been known to totally clear up acne. It moisturizes like no other soap. Itís also great for anti-aging due to the Rooibos Tea which is the main ingredient. It is rich in antioxidants that help combat & help neutralize harmful free radicals which affect the body in damaging our skin. Just read the ingredients and you will know this is the greatest soap youíll ever use.

African Red Tea Man's shaving cream
It is excellent for men as a shaving cream and hair cleanser. Once you experience it, you will never go back to your old shaving cream.

African Red Tea shampoo soap for hair loss, make your own formula.

All Made by Hand With Organic Rooibos Tea and Organic Oils

Glycerin, Organic African Red Tea,( Rooibos Tea extract ), Organic Jojoba Oil, Organic Hemp Oil, Organic Royal Jelly,Organic Honey, Vitamin E, Fragrance Oil (Oatmeal, Milk & Honey)

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