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was founded in 1999 by Nira Levy Maslin and Michael Broomberg to help promote health and well-being, and to help people enjoy an extremely healthy caffeine free, anti-aging property tea alternative.

Rooibos Tea - African Red Tea is 100% Organic and Kosher.

The leading product is Organic Rooibos Tea , which stands out as the highest in anti-oxidants, naturally caffeine-free and pleasant tasting beverage that is also low in tannins thereby promoting and supporting positive, healthy lifestyles.

“The healthy benefits of herbals teas have garnered positive attention from the medical community and are recognized as an excellent source of antioxidants, which protect the body and brain from free radicals. The teas have become favorites of the baby-boomers, who represent a large expanding demographic. They are leading the shifting marketplace towards health conscious options. African Red Tea is a favorite since it’s a perfect alternative and preventative health solution. Drinking Rooibos Red Tea is a good choice as part of a healthy lifestyle,” says Michael Broomberg.

Through current marketing and distribution channels,ART reaches a variety of supermarket customers and natural food store customers, using shelf displays, floor displays and “4 color ad glossies” which all build credibility and signify quality to the shoppers.

ART products are currently selling in:

  • Click Here For Nationwide Retailers In The USA
  • Ralph’s Grocery - 100 stores
  • Ralph’s Grocery - 30 Fresh Faire stores
  • Bristol Farms - 12 stores
  • Whole Foods - 22 stores in S. California
  • Whole Foods - 24 stores in Boulder
  • VP Discount - 5 stores
  • Fairway Markets - New York,
  • Willner Chemist New York
  • Vitamin Cottage – 13 stores in Boulder
  • Erewhon Natural Foods
  • Mother’s Markets – 4 stores
  • Jimbo’s
  • Vitamin Shoppe – 100 stores
  • Albertson’s Grocery – 37 stores in S. Cal
  • Sacramento Coop.
  • Olympia Food Coop.
  • Rainbow Grocery (San Francisco)
  • Co-Opportunity
  • Santa Monica Homeopathic
  • Elixer
  • Tullipwood Teas (Canada)
  • Ten Spa (Canada)
  • IVF Osaka Clinic (Japan)
  • Star Room (Bangkok Thailand)
  • ART in (Israel)
  • Lemur Landing (Gift Shop at Duke University Primate Center)
  • ART products distributions for 2008

  • Nature's Best - California
  • United Natural Food's East and West
  • Azure Standard - Oregon
  • Select Nutrition - East and West Coast
  • DPI West - Southern California
  • Healthy Direction, LLC East and West Coast and Mid West
  • Web Distribution:

  • Vitamin
  • Herbal
  • National Supplement Center
  • (Gift Shop at Duke University Primate Center)
  • Business Directory Links:


  • In 2006 ART was selected by the Silver Lake Film Festival as their featured beverage. Has been featured in Los Angeles Times Calendar Magazine, National Culinary Review, Café Sweets (high end Japanese magazine for the restaurant industry) Jewish Journal, Fresh Cup Magazine, Men’s Health Magazine, Natural Beauty & Health, Adelphia Cable 30 Minutes TV show “Healing Time, cooking with Organic African Red Tea”, and the popular TV show Blind Date.

    On March 2007 ART will be launching an article featuring the African Red Anti-Oxidant boost using our Tea Liquid and Powder Extract on the Natural Food Network. Energy Times Magazine New York.

    ART will be participating in The Fresh Idea Organic Market Place at the Natural Expo West on March 8th 2007 featuring its new line of Organic Rooibos Tea, Organic liquid extracts, pure powdered extracts and African herbs. Booth Number 134

    ART is a current member of the California Dietetic Association Foundation, and Nira Levy Maslin is a Registered Certified Teacher At Los Angeles Unified School District For Cooking. Participate in the PBS television cooking show.

    We at ART believe in reaching out to the consumer tea drinker. In educating those who might never have sampled or purchased Organic African Red Tea simply because of lack of knowledge. If a person is interested in a physically active lifestyle, they might be looking for a post-workout recovery drink with a high anti-oxidant base along with an amino acid complex and mineral ascorbates. Pointed to our Organic African Red Tea all their requirements will be fulfilled and be able to surprise and delight people with our other tasty new products and their healthy benefits as well.

    ART became a vendor for SYSCO Food Service of Los Angeles, with the Organic Rooibos Tea to their customers, which include hospitals, health care facilities, schools, restaurants, hotels and universities to name a few:

    West Los Angeles medical center Women’s and Children’s Service line 3/2006 and March 2007
    Northridge Hospital Medical Center 11/2006
    Pomona Unified School District 2007
    Loma Vista Hospital 2006
    Duke University 2006
    Michigan University 2006
    The Cam-Expo Complementry & Natrual HealthCare in Beverly Hills February 2006
    ART was CO-Sponsoring the Healthy Break.

    ART participating with charities events and non-profit organizations:
    Africare in Washington D.C 2006
    African Pan Festival 2/2007
    The Human Society of the United States 21st Genesis Awards March 24th 2007
    Energy Time Magazine Featuring ART February 2007
    Natural Food Network March 2007

    Trade Shows
    For industry trade shows, ART will increase their presence and promote the healthy attributes, the pleasant taste, the versatility and the overall marketability of ART. A comparison will be drawn of common teas, their drawbacks and their caffeine levels, in sharp contrast with Organic Rooibos Tea, its healthy effects and no caffeine or tannins. ART is in a prime position to be an industry leader.
    Heavy sampling at trade shows along with informational mini-lectures ensure that the attendees will be introduced to the Organic Rooibos Tea, and also that they will have made a bond with ART.

    and its philosophies. Sample packs will be given out so that the potential purchasers and their teams can brew the tea back at their local stores. ART will write “turn-over” deals and make them a top priority. To enable the retailers to offer better price points, discounts will be available for quantity purchasers, and also for “opening orders” for retailers new to US .
    ART is already in the market FOR 7 Years and we keep developing our RED tea line. We are Proud to sell our skincare line to UNFI and Nature’s Best Distrubution. ROOIBOS Natural Skin Care Line is all hand made with the key ingredient being the African Red Tea extracts. Rooibos contains alpha hydroxyl (HYDROXY) acid, which is known to be very good for the skin. We are currently launching a major line with African Herbs.

    The owner and co-founder of ART, Ms. Nira Levy Maslin will be available at the following events:

    (Select Nutrition Distributors) 2008 West Coast Table Top Show on February 7; Natural Products Expo West 2008 at the Fresh Ideas Organic Market Place, Booth #9 on March 13; The CA Dietetic Association 2008 on April 11 and 12; and also the World Tea Expo in Las Vegas, Booth 843, May 30 – June 1.   Complimentary samples for media available upon request to ART. 

    The African Red Tea House is located in West Hollywood, Los Angeles, California.
    Tel: 323 658 7832
    Address: 533 N. Fairfax Ave.
    Los Angeles, CA
    For more information, visit:

    African Red Teas selected by Silver Lake Film Festival as the featured beverage. The organic red tea blends have brewed at many events including, Women’s Wellness Health Expo at Cedars Sinai of Los Angeles, Pomona Valley Hospital, Loma Vista University, and Northridge University.

    African Red Tea has been featured in Los Angeles Magazine, Los Angeles Times Calendar Magazine, National Culinary Review, Café Sweets (high end Japanese magazine for restaurant industry) Jewish Journal, Fresh Cup Magazine, Men’s Health Magazine, Natural Beauty & Health, Adelphia Cable 30 minute TV show “Healing Time, “ and the popular TV show Blind Date.


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