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African Red Tea Shea Butter Moisturizing Cream

Shea Butter Moisturizer - 4 Oz. - $24.00

African Body Cocktail Kit

African Body Cocktail Kit


Shea Butter Moisturizer with Black Cumin Seed - 4 Oz. - $24.00

About Shea Butter Moisturizer
4oz - A handcrafted blend of all natural Organic Jojoba Oil and Shea Butter with the finest quality of organic African Red Tea powder Rooibos Tea and Organic Black Cumin Seed Oil creating a healing body cream. It melts at body temperature for a softer, healthier skin. Extremely rejuvenating.

Shea Butter (Pronounced "Shay") is from the fruit of the Karite (Butyrospermum parkii) tree of Africa. This strong long live tree has adapted to thrive the harsh dry climate of Westerns and Central Africa. The same qualities that allow it to survive under such condition, also provides help to those seeking relief from dryness.

Traditionally it has been used to help heal cracked, damaged and aged skin. Whit, Shea Butter is a common additive in the finest of cosmetics and lotions, due to the difficult nature of Shea Butter it is only used in tiny (trace) amounts. Our natural preservative free Aroma Butter contains over 30% of this natural healing Shea Butter.

In addition to the previous stated healing qualities, an added benefit of Shea Butter appears to have some natural UV protection. Along with the natural SPF of nearly 4-5 of Jojoba oil. (Aroma Butter is not recommended as a sunscreen.)

Why does the Shea Tree make Shea Butter?

It takes a lot of energy and resources for the tree to make the shea butter. Why would it do such a thing? Starting out life is extra challenging in a dry climate, Baby seedling trees need lots of water to keep growing. Like any good mother, the Shea Butter Tree, wants her children to have the best of chances so she carefully envelopes each seed in healing reserves of shea butter.. The seedlings use special fat of shea butter to give them the best hope for their future offspring to survive in the long hot dry times of af African and grow into beautiful trees.

The trees grow wild in their natural state without pesticides and fertilizers, thus the term "Wild Crafted". Shea Butter is harvested by local people, usually women by tradition, this helps the women provide extra income for their families and ensures that the trees are well cared for and respected as valuable resources. Sometimes Shea Butter is referred to as "Women's gold".

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